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"Buds" Pong Table

"Buds" Pong Table

Our beer pong tables are top of the line playing fields for America's most popular drinking game. Our tables are the cream of the crop because they were made by beer pong players for beer pong players.

Portable - Each table folds up into an easy to carry briefcase for ultimate mobility. This allows you to play beer pong anywhere - the beach, the garage, the basement, the porch, a friend's party, etc.

Durable - We've seen some tables bite the dust in our day, so we know how important durability is to a professional beer pong table. Our tables are made from a sturdy aluminum base so you won't have to worry about them getting busted up. The surface design is protected by a strong vinyl laminate which protects it from various damages incurred during use such as spilt beer, scratches, sun damage etc. Oh by the way - the surface laminate is perfect for bouncing.

Regulation Size - When open these regulation tournament beer pong tables are 7.5ft long, 2 ft wide and stand 29 inches off the ground. These are the same beer pong tables used in bars and tournaments across the country as well as the $25,000 Atlantic City Tournament and the ProPong New York Beer Pong Championship

$124.99 each
Price: $124.99